Demo Bikes

Yeti SB6

Piloted by the best riders in the world, the SB6 in uniquely suited for pounding out big Enduro race days and taking on big terrain. The SB6 has 6 inches of travel in the rear, with 160 mm up-front and geometry that is manageable on the tranfers, but optimized for smashing downhills.

Yeti SB5+

The SB5+ is its own beast. Built on a 27.5 plus platform, it can accomodate up to 3.0 tires. This isn't the SB5 with plus tires on it – it's a plus-sized dedicated bike that takes on loose gravel and varied trail conditions with ease. 

Yeti SB5.5

Forget any preconcieved notions about 29ers, thanks to an impeccable frame design, shortened chain stays and aggressive suspension spec, the SB5.5 is easy to maneuver, lively and quick on the descents.

Yeti SB5 (small only)

The SB5 is perhaps Yeti's most versatile all-mountain bike. Born on the trails of Colorado, this bike represents everything a trail bike should be — lightweight, nimble on climbs and dominant on descents. 

Transition Patrol

An efficient well mannered ascender that immediately switches into pure party mode on the way down. Speed Balanced Geometry allows us to create an extremely slack and aggressive bike that actually improves front wheel traction going uphill while keeping the bike calm and composed at high speeds through extremely technical terrain.

Transition Sentinel

A bike so capable, playful and fun that even the most staunch 29er naysayer will instantly convert. With our reverse mullet suspension configuration, the Sentinel stays responsive and playful while delivering incredible downhill monster truck capabilities.

DownHill bikes

Giant Glory

Giant Glory Downhill Bike for Rent in Telluride Colorado

The  Giant Glory delivers proven DH performance, devouring rocks, ruts, steeps and drops to shave seconds off your time and crank up the fun factor.