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Meet The Crew

Sam McNichols


 Sam is our fearless leader and owner of Mountain Adventure Equipment.  Forged in the lowlands of Colorado, only to be polished by the rugged San Juan mountains through 9 years of high level mountain biking and skiing the big lines.  Sam is extremely knowledgeable on our products and you will feel his passion for this area through every conversation you have with him. 

Tony Jakob


 Here at Mountain Adventure Equipment we don’t loosely throw around the word “legend”, unless we are talking about Tony Jakob.  After over 10 years in the Telluride area, Tony has firmly established himself as one of the best bike mechanics around.  Whether you need a basic tune or a complete rebuild, Tony is the man to talk to.  Stop by our shop for an exciting chat about what he can do for you and your mountain biking game. 

"Captain" Greg Carberry


Greg is another one of our owners and Telluride enthusiast at Mountain Adventure Equipment.  With early beginnings as a downhill ski racer on the East Coast, Greg found his way to Telluride where the beauty and power of the San Juan mountains quickly consumed him, and eventually turned him into a 20 year local of the area.  You will most likely find Greg in front of you in the lift line on a powder day or buying you a beer after an epic day of biking or skiing. 

Amelia Martin



Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Amelia has worked in the cycling and outdoor industries for over 10 years, resulting in a massive mountain biking addiction and a serious gear related spending problem.  Look for her riding on the trails around Telluride or hiking with her mini mountain dog.  She has a tendency to flip over her handlebars while showing off. 

Alton Smith



Alton comes to us from the the deep forests and inland lakes of Minnesota, now boasting 7 years of living and recreating in the Telluride area.  As an avid fly fisherman and packrafter, he can be found soaking up sun on the San Miguel river or hiking up to high alpine lakes for some unique fishing opportunities.  Alton believes that Telluride is one of the most amazing areas on the planet and would love to help you get the full experience!