Mountain Bikes

YETI Cycles SB5, SB5.5,SB5+, and SB6 Transition Patrol and Sentinel Telluride Bike Rental

High End Demo From $95/day!

The Yeti SB5, SB5.5, SB5+, and SB6 are ridden by the best riders in the world.  These bikes are uniquely suited for pounding out the most challenging terrain with the utmost ease.  Sacrifice nothing by renting the best bikes in the industry.

Giant Trance 2.0 Marin Rift Zone 3 Telluride Bike Rental

Mid Range From $70/day!

The Giant Trance doesn’t care where the trail goes.  Up, down, all around, it always delivers speed, flow and total control.

The Rift Zone 3 is Marin’s most speed oriented MultiTrac 29er, created for the rider looking for speed in a trail capable package. 

Marin Hawk Hill Giant Stance Telluride Bike Rental

Standard Level Bike From $50/day!

The Marin Hawk Hill and Giant Stance 2 are the highest rated bikes at their price point. 

Kids Bikes and Trailers from $30/day or Free with 3 day Adult Demo or Mid Range Bike

Bikes for kids of all ages and bike trailers

Bike Accessories

Extras for your ride! 

Add tool kit or a lock for $5

Upgrade to a full face helmet for $15