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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) FAQ

Q:  What’s included in the rental?

A: In addition to your Sol paddle board you will receive a life jacket, paddle, and pump. Optional items but still included in original price are leash, helmet and car straps.  For an additional $5 each you can rent dry bags and a car inflator.

Q Are the boards pre inflated?

A: They are delivered or are ready for pick up fully inflated. If you would like us to send you off with them deflated, no problem, just let us know. We highly recommend you rent an electronic car inflator if you choose to inflate more than just one on your own.

Q:  If I don’t have a roof rack, can I still strap the SUP boards to my vehicle?

A:  Yes, we provide straps and will help you strap the boards on through your door frames to the roof.

Q:  My family would like to rent a few SUP boards for the day, but we do not have a vehicle large enough to get the boards to a lake outside of town.  Do you deliver SUP boards to any nearby lakes around Telluride?

A:  Yes! We will deliver and pick up your SUP boards from TROUT LAKE for a $25 delivery fee.

Q:  Where are good locations that you are able to SUP around Telluride?

A:  Many places!  The closest options are Elks Pond in Mtn. Village, Trout Lake south of Telluride, Woods Lake west of Telluride, and the San Miguel River just outside of Telluride to the Conoco Station when the water is high enough.  The boards also fully deflate and can be rented with a backpack in order to hike all of your SUP gear to high alpine lake outside of Telluride such as Blue Lake, Silver Lake, Hope Lake, or Crystal Lake.  Many of these lakes can only be accessed by hiking or 4x4 vehicles!  Ask any of our friendly staff for advice on how to get creative with you time here in Telluride!

Q:  When is payment due?

A:  A 20% deposit is due at the time of booking for all rentals.  Payment in full is then due at the time of equipment rental or delivery.  No security deposits are required for bike and paddle board rentals being paid with credit cards, but we do require a $1000 security deposit to a credit card for all vehicle rentals.

Didn't get your question answered?  Give us a shout at 970-614-1000